Creative Photography Ideas

In tradition of photo posts, here are some creative photography ideas for all of you out there armed with a camera and patience.




Catching the wave


WW2 Plane taking off


Eye of the God


Great photo idea


Chimp (we have a lot to learn from them..)


Bird catcher


Boy in Africa


Piano player fingers

The photographs are made by a German photographer Laoen.

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  1. Dec 14th, 2011

    please notify me how I can contact the photographer - Laoen

  2. Dec 14th, 2011

    I am a professional artist (painter) extremely interested in the photograph of the "Surgery" and would like to ask the photographer a question regarding this photo. It would mean a lot to me to hear from the owner of this photo. Thank you very much.

  3. Happy
    Nov 9th, 2011

    Great photos :)) You are great photographer :)) ... Really ... great

  4. wasswa baker
    Oct 24th, 2011

    very inspirational,i like.please keep up with your great work.

  5. Shoaib Nawaz
    Jul 3rd, 2011

    fitoo caption ! i can smell evrthing fom shots..

  6. gloria
    Nov 15th, 2010

    Great photographs!!! Love the waves .. you have a true artist's eye ... and it comes out in your photography.

  7. Oct 12th, 2010

    Amazing photographs and impossible to choose a favourite. I could maybe have a good guess but I'd love to know the exact settings that captured the plane taking off.

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