WordPress Plugins

Premium Plugins

SEO/Performance Plugins

Backend/Administration Plugins

  • WP Quick Deploy - Pick your favorite plugins and install them at once without hassle
  • Insights - Most powerful addition to blog posting
  • Smart Youtube - Easily insert YouTube videos in posts and RSS feeds.
  • What should we write about next - Allows your users to quickly leave feedback at the end of your posts
  • Plugin Central - Automatically install and update WordPress plugins
  • Theme Test Drive - Safely test drive any theme while visitors use the default one.
  • Pretty Theme Files - Organize the theme files in a practical manner
  • Navbar - Adds a handy navigation bar to organize your WordPress blog shortcuts
  • Show Me Options - Shows you a link to the newly activated plugin’s options page.
  • WP Digg This - Selectively adds Digg button to your posts.

Frontend/user experience Plugins

  • Snazzy Archives - Show your archives in a cool unusual way
  • WP Wall - Readers can add a quick comment and the comment will appear in the sidebar immediately.
  • Live Blogroll - Shows a number of 'recent posts' for each link in your Blogroll using Ajax.
  • WP Figlet - Shows ASCII art in your posts and page HTML source
  • Category Search - Add category names to search results
  • Entrecard Me! - Allows you to use Entrecard widget on your blog.

WordPress Themes

I have also released  the following WordPress themes.

If you have an idea for an interesting WordPress plugin leave a comment here.

If you have a need for professional WordPress development service feel free to contact me.


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